Simple Search-Replace


Replace any text string in a file with another one


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Simple Search-Replace is a tool to find and replace any text string in multiple files simultaneously.

Imagine you made a mistake while typing the URL of a specific website and now you need to modify all the documents in which it appears one by one. This application will greatly simplify that task for you.

The program supports any text in ASCII format, including TXT, HTML, lots, or batteries. In general, it lets you work with any source code file regardless of the programming language used.

Among the program's most noteworthy features are its ability to backup the source files, do case-sensitive or -insensitive searches, add program options to the context menu, and more.

Simple Search-Replace's interface displays a list of all the files that were modified. By double-clicking any entry on the list, you'll open a file with the program specified in the settings.
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